Building 101 - Group Headquarters, Top Secret Control Officer, Classified Files, Personnel Security, Group Training,
    Station Locator and Administrative Services.
Building 102 - Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ), Officers Billeting, and Officers Club.
Building 103 - Military Records, Finance, M/R Clerk, Dispensary, NCO Club, Dental Clinic, Training Office, Ground Safety,
    Education, Classification Office, Hobby Shop and Personnel Sergeant Major.
Building 104 - Barracks, 3084th Air Police Squadron (106?)
Building 105 - Barracks, 3097th Aviation Depot Squadron and Headquarters Squadron.
Building 106 - Transient Air Crews, possibly 24th ADS/MMS (SAC). Air Police earlier?
Building 107 - Barracks, 3084th Support Squadron, Special Services Supply
Building 108 - Mess Hall, Mail Room, PX, Snack Bar, Library, Barber Shop, Dry Cleaners, Laundry, Personnel Services
    and Recreational Area.
Building 110 - Pass and Badge Office