(1 July 1954 to 31 Dec 1954 - declassified by the DOE and US Air Force)


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AMC General Orders Number 42   -  28 June 1954 - Establishment of 3083rd Aviation Depot Group at Fairfield AFS, California and the
3084th Aviation Depot Group at Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts.  (Adobe PDF)

Memos relating to Security Clearance Policies and Clarification (all Adobe PDFs)
        6 November 1953 - Colonel Porter, Special Weapons Directorate to Commander, Deep Creek AFS - Coding of Certain Q Area Badges to
        Reflect Clearance Status
        HQ, 3084th ADS, Westover AFB, 30 June 1954 - INV 5-4, Security Clearance Policy Clarification - to OSI, Washington, DC
        OSI, Washington, DC response to 30 June 1954 request above - 8 July 1954

HQ 3084th ADG General Orders Number 1, 2 and 3  -  1 July 1954, 21 July 1954 and 17 August 1954 - Assumption of Group Command orders for the 3084th Aviation Depot Group.  Three separate officers. (Adobe PDF)

List of Key Personnel - Undated - from Histories 1 July to 31 Dec 1954.

HQ 3084th ADG  ESG dated 10 Feb 1955 -  Outlining the Command Objectives through 1 July 1955.  Possible that pages are missing. This
is only the first page. (Adobe PDF)

HQ 3084th ADG  ESA MIL - Undated.  Subject: Critical Airmen Shortages. (Adobe PDF)

Correspondence 22 Sep 1954 - External Defense of Stony Brook Air Force Station - HQ AMC, 3084th ADG, and Commanding General,
        First Army (Adobe PDF)

Security Forms - Security Acknowledgement (18 Oct 54) Initial Security Briefing Certificate (undated);
                             Security Termination Statement (18 Oct 54) Security Responsibilities - Dependents (25 Oct 54)

HQ AMC  - 1 November 1954 - Subject: Allocation of Enlisted Personnel to the 3084th Aviation Depot Group.  (Response to ESA MIL above)
(Adobe PDF)