The following were taken from the Historical Reports of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group, recently declassified by the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the United States Air Force.


(1 Jan - 30 June 1956)


            The acceptance and reacceptance of non-nuclear components and special weapons into the war reserve stockpile are the primary functions of the Inspection Section.  Performance of these functions is in accordance with Santa Fe Operations Office Manual III, dated 5 August 1952 and special instructions issued by the Readiness Branch of AEC, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

            Secondarily, the inspection Section is responsible for assisting the Commander on technical and administrative matters including procurement, distribution and control of all technical orders, evaluation of classified UR's, maintaining administrative and technical inspection files, preparing answers to inspection reports and processing of personal complaints.


            The organizational structure of this section underwent a considerable change due to the imminent inception of the Directorate of Quality Control.  The advent of this concept necessitated a reasonable amount of planning and development, Major Gilbert B. Davis was assigned to this section on 26 March 1956 and immediately assumed these responsibilities.  Through Major Davis's instrumentality and the concurrence of Major Gonterman, the proposed directorate was organized.  Job responsibilities were levied, SOP's published, additional officers assigned and interviews with civilian personnel for vacancies within the directorate were conducted.  With the addition of five (5) officers from the Operations Squadron as of 1 June 1956 the organizational status of the Inspection Section including the Quality Control compliment assumed the following structure:

                    Major Maynard C Gonterman                   Chief Inspector
                    Major Gilbert B Davis                             Asst to Chief Inspector
                    Captain Harlan V Brown                         Alt Chief Inspector
                    Captain Timothy J. Callahan                   2nd Alt Chief Inspector
                    Captain Victor Jiricek                            Chief Quality Analysis
                    1/Lt John R Rodgers                              Military Inspector
                    2/Lt John E Moore                                Military Inspector
                    1/Lt Harvey Fox                                   Military Inspector
                    1/Lt William F Latta                              Military Inspector
                    T/Sgt Ernest D Holford                          Administrative Supervisor
                    A/1C Gary B Staley                               Senior Clerk

            The vacancy for Deputy of Quality Control was not filled, although several applicants were considered. Authorization by telephone conversation was received for the hiring of two civilian clerks, however no substantiating TWX was received from AMC. This tended to compound an unhealthy situation in view of imminent separation of A/1C Gary B Staley on August 15.  As a preventive measure military clerks were requested.

            Although the Quality Control concept was not implemented operationally, the organizational chart enclosed represents the new directorate and disposition of presently assigned Air Force Specialty Codes. (Ed. Note:  Org chart not readable.)


            For the inclusive dates of this historical period, operations were conducted with no major difficulties encountered. Minor irregularities were processed and resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all affected agencies.

            Organization of the Quality Control Directorate consumed considerable time and effort.  Major Gonterman and Major Davis developed this agency from it's embryonic stages to a virtually operational function prepared for implementation.

            In January a verbal agreement among personnel from the respective offices of the Custodian, Inspector and Project Engineer resulted in the monitoring of RH (Ed. Note: Uncertain) as per TP B6-1.

            Publication briefings of important technical orders were initiated by Major Gonterman, this received favorable concurrence from the Commander and Staff Sections and was continued.

            A letter was forwarded to Shelby AF Depot requesting information relative to initial distribution requirements for technical orders submitted by this station. In return, Shelby AF Depot authorized submission of new PRT's, all sections were screened for requirements and PRT's were forwarded to Shelby AF Depot, establishing a realistic requirement.  Subsequent to this action the necessary supporting requisitions were also submitted. This station is now receiving adequate technical orders.

            Major Gonterman attended a conference at Albuquerque, New Mexico, for briefing on the proposed Quality Control system . This information was disseminated to all interested agencies and used to organize the Directorate of Quality Control.

            All operations and operational alerts were supported by furnishing AMC Controllers at the Weapons Control Point at Westover AFB.

            Several conferences were conducted by Major Gonterman for inspectors to outline policies and procedural changes.  Matters of mutual interest Item discussed and coordinated.

            For an interim period the Atomic Energy Commission prevented the Sandia Corporation from discussing classified information with any military personnel other than those cleared by the Sante Fe Operations Office.  For this period Captain Brown and Captain Callahan performed as liason officers in Plants I and II respectively.

            Major Gonterman contacted Middletown AMA to determine the job classification code for the civilian Deputy Chief.  Middletown declared this a controversial decision. Through diligent study by Westover personnel office and this office and concurrence by 3079th ADW it was decided to classify the position under Civil Service Classification Code G.S. 1899 (Ed. Note:  Number uncertain).

            Sandia Corporation, who is to assume the function of Quality Assurance Inspection Agency, conducted several Training Quality Assurance Inspections to implement procedures and categorize defects. Critiques were held on these inspections and all discrepancies were noted by representatives of the Inspection Section.  No major defects were encountered, assembly personnel were advised of all discrepancies and irregularities as well as recommended corrective action on incidental items.

            In accordance with instructions from the 3079th ADW, Station Regulation 11-11 was revised and the responsibility for the control of UR's was transferred from Inspection to the Director of Material.  The Inspection Section continued to screen UR's on special weapons.

            During May the Inspection Section observed and assisted the Management Review Board Team from Headquarters, AMC.  Lt Colonel Dale of this team was furnished a proposed brief for a Group Inspection Section incident to effectuation of the Quality Control Directorate.

            Lt Colonel Smith from the 3079th ADW visited this section on 24 May 1956 for coordination pertinent to the proposed Directorate. The Rushmore AFS manual an Quality Control was recommended as a guide.  Copies of this manual were furnished by the 3079th ADW and the Project Engineer and were utilized accordingly.

            On 22 June a TWX was received from the 3079th ADW authorizing an amendment of the Table of Military Authorizations dated 15 June to include one Captain, AFSC 7024 in functional code 49000.  This officer will satisfy the requirements of a Group Inspector referenced above upon implementation of the Quality Program.

            Routine functions within this section's purview including administrative inspections of Headquarters Section, Operations, Supply and Security Squadrons were accomplished throughout this reporting period.

(1 July - 31 December 1956)

(Ed. Note: The Inspection Section was reorganized and renamed as the Directorate of Quality Control.)


            Primarily the Directorate of Quality Control is a managerial function responsible for the assurance of reliable non-nuclear components in stockpile for possible tactical disposition by the Armed Forces.  This is accomplished by processes of acceptance, reacceptance, and inspection in conformance with established standards defined in appropriate technical publications or other competent authority.

            This Directorate is additionally responsible for assisting the Commander on certain technical and administrative matters incident to site operation.  This includes maintenance and processing of administrative and technical inspection files, evaluation of classified product improvement reports, monitoring of calibration function, distribution and control of all technical publications, processing of personal complaints, staffing of WCP during operational commitments, liason and coordination with the Quality Assurance Inspection Agency, the AEC Custodian and the AEC Technical Representative.


            The Directorate of quality Control consists of the Director and Deputy, the Inspection Section, the Analysis and Calibration Section, and the Administrative Section.  Delineation of job entities and corresponding personnel is as follows:

                        Major Gilbert E. Davis                     Director
                        Mr. John F. Steiger                        Deputy Director
                        Captain Victor Jiricek                     Chief Inspector
                        Captain Harlan V. Brown                 Chief Liason Officer
                        Captain Timothy J. Callahan            Chief Quality Analysis
                        Captain John L. Kalish                    Inspector
                        1/Lt John R. Rodgers                      Inspector
                        1/Lt Harvey Fox                            Inspector
                        1/Lt William F. (?) Latta                 Liason Officer
                        M/Sgt Antonio Cappello                  Wpns Fusing System Specialist
                        T/Sgt Ernest D. Holford                  Administrative Supervisor
                        A/1C Raymond J. O'Brien                 Wpns Fusing System Specialist
                        Mrs. Leda G. Allen                          Clerk-Typist

            The vacancy for the Deputy position was filled by John F. Steiger on 24 Sept. 1957.  Captain Kalish was assigned to the Directorate on 11 Dec. 1956.  Captain Brown was on temporary duty at Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado for the 3216 course for the major part of this historical period, and Lt. Latta assumed the duties of Chief Liason Officer during his absence.  Mrs. Allen began duties as a Clerk-Typist on 20 August 1956. The position of Senior Clerk vacated by A1/C Gary B. Staley was filled by A/1C Raymond J. O'Brien on 10 December as an additional duty.


            The Quality Control Concept was implemented on 13 November 1956.  Events pertinent to and within the purview of this historical period are discussed narratively.

            In July several meetings were held with personnel associated with the Quality program, wherein problems were discussed and policy formulated.

            Draft forms for Inspection Check Lists were also initiated, and Special Weapons Operational Procedures ware coordinated and processed.  Additional requisitions for unclassified Technical Orders were submitted to fill requirements for this station.

            Captain Callahan, Captain Jiricek, Lt. fox, and Lt. Moore attended the nuclear supplement course and received satisfactory grades. Major Gonterman was hospitalized during the greater part of July, and Major Davis assumed the responsibilities of the directorate daring his absence.

            In answer to a query, R. E. Thome from the AEC Office in Albuquerque, confirmed continued distribution of AEC manuals until the start of the quality program. This office was to advise Mr. Thome when the program was initiated.

            Major Davis visited the 3079th Aviation Depot Wing for several days for a conference on the Rushmore Quality Control Manual.

            During August Captain Brown and Lt. Latta attended the nuclear supplement course.  All other officers were involved in an inspection in accordance with Operations Order 10-56.  Work was also continued on the unclassified technical orders, and a complete library was established with a copy of all station requirements.

            Westover Personnel Office was advised to hire Mr. Steiger for the position of Deputy Chief of the Quality Control Directorate.  Mrs. Allan was also assigned, and A1/C Staley was discharged.  Lt. Rodgers departed for Squadron Officers Course.

            Replies for Group Evaluation Report and semi-annual Maintenance and Supply Inspection Report were forwarded to Wing during the first week of September.

            In late August Major Gonterman returned to duty. Major Davis was nominated to 3079th Wing as AEC/AMC Alternate Chief Inspector vice Captain Brown who departed for the 3216 school.  Captain Jiricek was appointed Chief of Inspection Section; Capt. Callahan, Chief of Analysis; and Lt. Latta, Liason Officer.

            Personnel of this directorate engaged in the training of plant personnel cogniscent of minor errors and discrepancies in plant products with the purpose of eliminating same.

            Major Gonterman called Mr. Cooper, ALOO, in reference to a dead-lined items report.  Mr. Cooper advised that he would visit this station in November to assist in the transition to the Quality Control procedures.

            The AMC Annual Inspection Team visited this station during the week of 17 thru 21 Sept.  This Directorate assisted the team to a limited extent.  Col. Hall clarified the position of the Deputy for Quality Control, and stated that it would be more of an advisory position than the usual command responsibility.  After the inspection this directorate was notified by telecon from Sandia Base of approval by AEC of Quality Control interim procedures, and their appointment of Mr. Robert Black as Stony Brook AEC Technical Representative.

            Mr. John Steiger was hired as Deputy for Quality Control on 24 Sept.  Major Gonterman attended "Air Weapons Orientation" course at Maxwell AFB.  Follow-up action was taken on AMC annual I.G. Inspection.

            On 22 October the following personnel visited Stony Brook for a discussion on the inception of the quality program: Major Olson and Capt. Hutchison from 3079th Wing, Mr. Mentor and Mr. Cooper from ALOO, Mr. Johnson of the Sandia Corporation. Mr. Black also arrived at this time. Problem areas were discussed and policies formulated.

            In late October Major Davis attended Air Weapons Orientation course at the Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

            The emergency operational alert supported by directorate Personnel who staffed the WCP on a 24 hour basis from the 15 26 Nov. 56.  Personnel than maintained a one hour and four hour alert status until the alert was terminated on 15 December.

            Quality Control Special Weapons Operational Procedures were published, and the quality concept was implemented on the 13th of Nov.

            The destruction of the AEC classified technical order file was completed during the last week in November.  Copies of certificates of destruction were forwarded to the appropriate agency at Sandia Base.  The remainder of the classified file was destroyed and attendant certificates of destruction accomplished with appropriate disposition.

            A seminar on quality control matters was held on 7 December at the Quality Directorate, and a representative group of AEC Technicians were present.  Matters of procedure ware discussed.

            On 10 Dec. Major Gonterman was relieved of all responsibility for documents within the Quality Directorate.  Major Davis assumed this responsibility, and Captain Jiricek became the assistant responsible officer.

            A/1C Raymond J. O'Brien was assigned to duties as an electrical inspector (33150) with additional duties as senior clerk.

            In compliance with a request from Westover AFB an inspection schedule was coordinated for inspection of Westover ADS training units.

            As a result of a survey by the Armed Services explosives Safety Board, the report of corrective action applicable to discrepant conditions on ordnance safety was forwarded to this board at Washington, D.C.

            Quality Control Inspectors observed and monitored the 25 evaluation on 18 December.  This directorate has received AMC manual 74-25, which outlines the Quality Program at OSS.  Appropriate distribution of this manual was made within the group.

            Most routine functions or matters of an incidental nature within the purview of this section have not been enumerated in this history but were none the less performed along with the discharge of primary responsibilities.


            Within this Directorate much of the past historical period was devoted to organizing the Control program into a smooth functioning unit.  The pre-planning by personnel of this directorate, and the many meetings held with personnel of other interested agencies had excellent results.  As of 13 November 1956, the Quality Control concept was implemented.  No major problems were encountered, and none are foreseen for the future.