(The following information is abstracted from the declassified Historical Reports of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group from 1 Jan 1956 to 31 Dec 1959.)


(1 Jan - 30 June 1956)  

            1ST LT DONOVAN D NICKEL was assigned as Installations Engineer during the entire period of this report; 2ND LT KRUCK was the Assistant Installations Officer during this period.

            In addition to a full schedule of routine work order and preventive maintenance work, the Installations Division operated the following Projects:

1.  Project SB 15-56, Insulations and Interior Finish of Building #303, was awarded funds in the amount of $1,882.44 early in February 1956.  These funds were required for storm windows and acoustical tile.  Work was started on 27 February 1956 and was completed on 11 May 1956.

2.   Project SB 16-56, Ventilation and Interior Partition in Building #108, was submitted with the revised final plan on 13 January 1956.  By letter received 16 January 1956, Ho, 3079th ADW, requested AF Form 374 be submitted.  During the week of 26 January 1956, AF Form 374's were again submitted to Hq, 3079th ADW. Upon receipt of request from Hq, AMC, revisions to the project were completed 24 March 1956. However, due to high priority of MCP work, the project was submitted to the Purchasing and Contracting Office, WAFB until 2 April 1956. At the end of this period, no further action had been completed.

3.   Project SB 20-56, installation of Asphalt Tile in Building #355 and Building #356, was started during the week of 9 February 1956 but pending receipt of information concerning partitions, this project was held in abeyance. Upon receipt of the required information, the project was forwarded to P&C WAFB during the week of 21 May 1956.  No further action took place prior to 30 June 1956.

4.   Project SB 17-56. Extensions, was initiated during the week of 9 February 1956.  It was planned to transmit the project for technical review during the week of 5 March 1956.  However, other business interfered and the project which covered culvert extensions for thirteen (13) Buildings was submitted to Hq AMC on 15 March 1956. Work was completed on 11 June 1956.

5.   Project SB 6-56.  Roadway widening at Building #358, was received with technical approval from Hq, 3079th ADW, and was submitted to the P&C Office WAFB during the week of 5 March 1956.  Project Was completed on 14 May 1956.

6.   Project SB 18-56. Partitioning of Building #108, to separate the NCO and Airmen Dining Areas, was submitted to the P&C Office WAFB during the week of 19 March 1956.

7.   Project SB 21-56, Parking and Walkway Paving, was forwarded during the week of 9 April 1956.  The project was reduced in scope and re-submitted to P&C for re-advertisement during the week of 6 June 1956. Low bid received on the original project was $6,100.00.  Work was not completed on this project at the end of this period but expected completion was to be on approximately 13 August 1956.

8.   Project SB 25-56, Modifications to Building #354 and Building #355, was forwarded to P&C during the week of 12 April 1956 with information concerning clearances required for contractors.  During the week of 25 May 1956, measurements were taken for the required partitioning since the estimated delivery date for partitions was approximately 15 July 1956, it was not possible to complete this project during this reporting period.

9.   Project SB 31-56, Modifications to Building #334, was prepared and forwarded to P&C WAFB for advertisement during the week of 28 May 1956.  No further action had been completed on this project at the end of this period.

10.  Project SB 22-56, Modification of "Q" Gate, was forwarded to P&C for advertisement during the week of 28 May 1956.   No further progress could be reported at the end of this period but estimated completion date was 22 July 1956.

11.   Project SB 32-56, Modification of "A" Gate was forwarded P&C during the week of 4 June 1956. No additional information was available at the close of this period.


12.   Project SB 8-56, Conversion to Central Heating, Building #109, was received technically approved by Hq. for a total estimated cost of $18,000.00.  Minor changes were incorporated into the drawings and the project was forwarded to P&C during the week of 4 June 1956.  Contract was awarded on 22 June 1956 after authorization of additional funds was received from Hq.  This project had no further action during this reporting period.


(1 July - 31 December 1956)

            In addition to a full schedule of routine work orders and preventive maintenance work, the Installations Division was involved in approximately eighteen (18) major projects which required monetary and engineering approval from Headquarters AMC.  The major projects were as outlined herein, and some special projects were performed as shown below.

            Mulching of all shrubbery in the Administrative Area was scheduled in early fall, and completed 6 August 1956.

            A portable irrigation system was received on 7 August 1956, and was pressed into immediate service on dry station lawns.  A weekly schedule for movement of the irrigation system saved all the dry grass on the station, and the area should be ready for re-mulching in early spring.

            It was decided early in August 1956 that erosion control in the "Q" Area was not sufficient to meet the heavy fall rains normally encountered in this locality.  Consequently, during the week of 20 through 24 August 1956, an erosion control program was stepped up and was in full phase when an early fall storm struck the station on 10 September 1956.  It rained steadily for two (2) days and, by the end of the second day, washouts along fences, roads and culverts were common.  It was necessary to curtail other semi-routine work to affect the repairs.  It was not until 17 September 1956 that all work in this connection had been done to repair washouts.

            In compliance with recommendations made by a visiting Inspection Team, an M-2 trailer was set aside for modification for use as a PM trailer in September 1956.   In spite of high priority on this particular project, equipment was relatively slow in arriving, and due to supply pipe line time and other minor difficulties, at the end of this period, the PM trailer, as such, was not in service.

            During National Fire Prevention Week, 7-13 October 1956, an intensive program was conducted by the Stony Brook Fire Department to publicize fire prevention.  Numerous fire drills were conducted with varying degrees of success.  A $10.00 cash prize was awarded to T Sgt Ernest D Bollard, Headquarters Section, for winning a slogan contest sponsored by the Group Commander. The winning slogan was: "Fire ends where thinking begins".

            Five (5) major projects which were carried over from the previous period were completed during the past six (6) months.

1.   Project SB 8-56, Central Beating Plant Conversion, from coal to oil burning equipment, was started on 30 July 1956, and completed in early September 1956.

2.   Project SB 20-56, Asphalt Tile Floors in "A" Area Buildings, was completed on 24 July 1956, after some months of preliminary P & C work. Buildings 101, 104, 203 and 352 were modified by this project.

3.   Project SB 21-56, Walkways in the "A" Area, was started in June 1956 but work was stopped shortly thereafter.  The project was reduced in scope, and re-initiated on 23 July 1956 to provide cross walkways between all buildings within the quadrangle.  Work was completed prior to the first snow in early October 1956.

4.   Project SB 22-56, Modifications to the "Q" Area Gate, was approved during the previous period, and work started on 10 July 1956.  This project not only provided smoother flow of personnel through the gatehouse, but also allowed greater efficiency with less Security personnel manning the gatehouse.  Work was completed on 23 July 1956.

5.   Project SB 32-56, Modifications to the "A" Area Gate, was approved during the previous period, and covered changes in construction, addition of sliding doors and protective posts.  Work was started on 11 July 1956, and completed simultaneously with Project SB 22-56 at the "Q" Area Gate on 23 July 1956.

New Projects for this period were:

1.   Project SB 4-57, Addition to the Motor Pool, Building 202, went to Engineering for design work on 27 August 1956, to provide a covered wash rack for year-round washing of vehicles.  Project was not completed within this period.

2.   Project SB 8-57, Pneumatic Tube System, was initiated for technical review and approval on request from 3079th Aviation Depot Wing.  The letter from Wing had been received during the week ending 10 July 1956.   Engineering work was started on 10 July 1956 to provide a system for rapid transmission of documents from the Communications Center in Headquarters Building to the new Ops-Comm Building.   These plans were completed on 27 July 1956 and submitted to higher headquarters for approval.  On 3 October 1956, a letter was received recommending certain changes and resubmission, which was done on 5 October 1956.  Then, on 16 October 1956, a message was received from the 3079th Aviation Depot Wing that a decision had been reached to disapprove requirements for such a system.  All work was immediately suspended on this project.

3.   Project SB 11-57, Basement Exit for Building 103, was initiated on 5 November 1956, contract awarded and work started on 7 December 1956.  Temporary delay due to inclement weather slowed down the project so that it could not be completed during this period.

            Contracts were awarded on 20 December 1956 by the P & C Office, Westover AFB, for Projects SB 10-57, Automatic Sprinkler System in Building 205, and Project SB 12-57, Mechanical Exhaust System in Building 202.  No further action on either project took place within this historical period.

            At the end of this period, plans were being completed for engineering work and inclusion in the Fiscal Year 1958 Budget of the following:  Combination Service Club and Bowling Alley, and a Prefab Butler Type Building.  The latter would be constructed at Westover AFB and subsequently hauled to Otis Lake.

(1 Jan - 30 June 1957)

            Routine work orders and preventive maintenance activities comprised the majority of time in the Installations field.  A chronological breakdown of events and activities of major historical importance is outlined herein.

            The modifications to the grease vat room, Building 108, were accomplished on 7 January 1957, for the purpose of providing an access to the vat, and promoting better ventilation and a clean-out drain valve on the vat.

            Mr. Joe Smallwood, Mid-West Engineering Company representative, completed a visit to this station and was conducted on a tour through the Materials Handling Equipment, Operations Communications Building, Spares Warehouse, and "S" Structure Building on 16 January.  The purpose of the visit was to check contractor conformity with specifications.  All items inspected were in order.

            On 15 January 1957 work was started on Project No. SB 10-57 which consisted of installing a wet sprinkler system in Building 205. This installation was completed on 20 February and provided added fire protection to the wood and metal shops.

            Modifications to Building 202 (Motor Pool) battery room were begun during the second week of January.  This work consisted of added ventilation, fire proof partition and ceiling, lighting, plumbing and painting. The project was finished the first week of February.

            During the week or January 21st an informational letter was received from the District Corps of Engineers indicating that the project for the installation of Percolation Ponds at the Sewage Plant would be accomplished in the Spring. The actual work started 10 May 1957 and is still in progress.

            This division was visited by Mr. Arthur Feliciotti from 25 to 31 January 1957 as a representative of the MIR team.  Minor deficiencies were noted and corrected.  In accordance with recommendations of the MIR Team an SOP was crafted and plans established to implement provisions of AFR 93-26, Work Control Procedures.  Personnel were trained in the Budget and Accounting Office in proper cost accounting procedures.  Provisions of AFR 93-26, with certain local adjustments, were implemented on 28 February 1957.

            During the month of January there were two separate freeze-ups in a sewer main.  These conditions resulted from the unusually cold weather prevailing at the time and corrective action has been taken to prevent a recurrence.

            Project SB 4-57, Addition to Building 202 (Motor Pool) was forwarded on February to the Purchasing and Contracting Officer at Westover Air Force Base.  The project consisted of constructing a masonry building adjacent to the Motor Pool for purpose of washing motor vehicles. Actual work started on 22 May and is expected to be completed in August 1957.

            The Annual Revision to the Master Plan, RCS AF-Z6, was completed and forwarded to Headquarters, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing on 20 February 1957.

            Construction of a Preventive Maintenance (PM) trailer was started the first week of February and put into service the 4th of March.  AFR 85-2 was fully implemented and a six man full tine PM crew was utilized.

            On 5 March 1957 the CO2 Fire Protection System in the heating room of Building 320 was tested by the Station Fire Marshal, Fire Chief, Plumbing and Heating Contractor and a representative of the Walter Kiddy Fire Protection Company.  The system functioned properly.

            Drawings, specifications and purchase requests were completed for three Class A projects on 29 March 1957.  These were: SB-14-57, Lining of Hot Water Tanks; SB-19-57, Stabilizing Road Shoulders; and SB-21-57, Resealing of Pavements.  These projects were submitted to Purchasing and Contracting on 1 April 1957.  The lining of the 7 hot water tanks was completed 20 May 1957.  This will prolong the life of the tanks and provide for cleaner hot water.  The stabilization of road shoulders and resealing of pavements were approximately five per cent completed by 30 June 1957.

            The elevation of power lines (primary feeder) at Operations-Communications Building to facilitate passage of antenna feeder lines was completed under contract on 16 March 1957 by Springfield Electric Company.  This was necessary to provide proper clearance between antenna feeder lines and primary distribution line.

            Mr. Paul Sullivan, technical representative, Enterprise Diesel Engine Company, visited this station on 4 April 1957 for the purpose of furnishing technical advice and assistance to this division pertaining to maintenance, repairs, and operation of power plant diesel engines in Building 307.

            Spring season landscaping, soil treatment, and ground maintenance planning was begun and implemented on the 4th of April.  Lawns were established at Building 211 (MHE Area) am a two acre area between the fence and Wyoming Avenue in the "A" Area.

            On 12 April 197 the installation of fire alarm bells in all dormitories was completed.  This provides instantaneous notice to dormitory personnel in case of fire.

            The Unit Manning Document justification, with requested changes, was submitted to the Director of Materiel on 19 April 1957.  There were two additional positions added to the UMD and several critical revisions were also requested.

            Modifications to "C" Structure (Building 308) and the relocation of calibration room from E Bay (Buildings 354) to Building 308 was completed.  This was to provide adequate facilities for activities involved, and entailed considerable man hours and material.

            Guard posts were installed by the access road bridge by Westover Air Force Base personnel.  This project will not be completed by WAFB Installations Engineer until FY 1958 due to funds shortage.

            The construction of Antenna Feeder Line Pit at Operations-Communication Building was completed on 26 April 1957 by the Roads and Grounds Section. This pit was necessary to provide proper facilities for entrance of antenna feeder lines from the Antenna Farm.

            Contract for Cathodic Protection of Elevated Water Storage Tank in "Q" Area was completed and accepted the 9th of May 1957.  The job took approximately two weeks.  It was the first time this Station had used this method of protecting interior water storage tanks from corrosion.  A report will be sent each month to the installer of this system so they may advise of any necessary action to take in making it more efficient.  Necessary calibration and replacement of anodes will be performed by the Electric Shop.

            The grounding system in certain igloos was modified and this was completed by 17 May 1957. The work consisted of installing a separate ground rod outside the igloos with a ground buss inside, to which will be attached bonding ground straps with clips.

            The alert siren was installed in front of the Dining Hall Building 108, on 22 May 1957.  This siren is batted to a concrete base that is level with the ground.  The siren control station is presently located in the Adjutant's Office, Building 101.

            A request for leasing a certain tract of land belonging to Stony Brook AFS to a Mr. Roos and a Mr Levi for agricultural purposes was forwarded through channels for necessary action on 23 May 1957.  In reply, Headquarters advised that this land was not available for leasing.

            The installation of new banking facilities in Building 108 was completed 29 May 1957.  This change made it possible for the Hadley Falls Trust Company to provide banking facilities for station personnel on semi-monthly pay days.

            A letter from Wing, dated 27 May 1957, was received stating that the Recreation Facility, Multi-purpose, had been included in the 1959 Major Construction Program.  The necessary documents as requested were submitted by 31 Kay 1957.  This building will be located between the Dining Hall and Recreation Field.

            The installation of a steel door and certain modifications to the vent system in the cryptoroom, Building 320, was completed on 6 June 1957.  This was necessitated to meet security requirements.

            Lt Gabriel from Headquarters, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing visited this station during the week of 17 June to review and inspect the Installations Division.  The visit was primarily to inform the Division of weak areas in installations so that personnel could better prepare for the Inspector General Inspection in July 1957.

            Mr. Klarer from Headquarters, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing inspected buildings and structures on 25 and 26 June 1957.  He also discussed certain features of the Maintenance and Operation Program.


            Continuous progress has been made during the past six months in facilities and in methods of operation within all sections of Installations.  The primary activity of this division is, of course, the accomplishment of preventive maintenance on all buildings, structures and facilities.  The new PM trailer has proven of great value, particularly in the "Q" Area, where it saves time and travel.  The cycle for the PM crew is once every 90 days. Thus far it has made two complete rounds. Two more carpenters are needed on the PM crew due to the workload.

            An airman locksmith has been assigned to the carpentry section. He performs all preventive maintenance on locks, safes, vaults, and also makes the keys.

            No unusual problems or difficulties nave been encountered in any of the sections. The electrical and carpentry sections have approximately a two-month backlog on work orders.  This is considered normal.

            The refrigeration shop requires three additional civilian workers to alleviate the extra burden placed on the present three civilians and one military worker.  Necessary action has been taken to request the additional personnel.

            There nave been no problems in the Fire Department. Necessary training has been continued as part of the normal duty.  Fire losses nave been kept to a minimum under $25.00.  A new electric hose dryer was received recently and has been put into operation.  It is a "Circul-Air Hose Dryer" and requires much less space than the rack type previously used.

            The OJT Program has been incorporated within all sections and the results are encouraging.  The participants are taking an interest in their training, and progress has been favorable.

(1 July - 31 December 1957)

            Routine work orders and preventive maintenance activities comprised the majority of work performed in the Installations field.  A chronological breakdown of events and activities of major historical importance is outlined herein:

            The annual IC Inspection of the Installations Division was conducted by Lt. Col. Cotterman, Headquarters, AMC, 15 July through 17 July 1957. The recommendations to obtain a one-half ton compartmented utility truck and to construct a catwalk on the Gantry Crane were concurred in, and necessary requests were initiated.

            Mr. Fred A. Cook, Civilian, Fire Prevention Engineer, arrived at this Station 8 August 1957 for the purpose of inspecting our fire prevention procedures and resolving any difficulties we encountered.  He found procedures to be very satisfactory and found no major difficulties existed.

            Mr. Walter Westerfield, Civilian, Headquarters AMC Installations Division, visited this Station on 13 August 1957 and performed a special survey on our drainage facilities and a technical survey on pavements and grounds.  Since the facilities were found to be in an excellent condition, no major difficulties or recommendations were made.

            Mr. Ralph Beaver, Civilian, Headquarters, AMC, visited this Station on 19 and 20 August 1957 and performed a technical survey of Real Property Records and Real Estate Administration. Mr. Beaver reported no major discrepancies and made no recommendations.

            The Corps of Engineers made a joint acceptance inspection of the Inflammable Warehouse Building in the "Q" Area on 6 September 1957.  No deficiencies were found and the building was accepted and occupied immediately by the Special Weapons Supply Division.

            Winterization of the Galion Road Grader, including cab, heater, etc. was completed 12 September 1957.  This modification is a great improvement in our snow removal program and provides for better operator comfort.

            Six 010 level airmen of the Roads and Grounds Section attended the drivers' school and received instructions in driving 2 1/2 ton trucks during the latter part of September 1957.  This department has been undermanned and the new personnel, although of an 010 level, were a real asset to our section.

            Building 305 was relocated from the "Q" Area adjacent to Building 304 to the "A" Area adjacent to Building 207 (Fire station) on 4 October 1957, and the Fire Department is now utilizing this building for storage of fire extinguishers and other equipment.

            A paint contract, Number SB 3-8, awarded to the George Fontaine Company, for the interior repainting of Buildings 106 and 107, airmen's dormitories, was completed and accepted on 3 October 1957.

            New lawns were established in the vicinity of Buildings 320-321 (Ops-Comm Area) and Building 364 (S Structure) and the work of landscaping this area was completed in October 1957.  The landscaping provided for erosion and dust control and for improvement of the area.

            Permagile repairs to Building 355 (M Bay Unpack) entrance and to three entrances at Building 364 were completed during October 1957.

            Work Order Number 632-57, re-masterkeying of all "A" Area Zone Number 1 locks was started 28 February 1957 and completed 18 October 1957.  This project was necessitated by the possible compromise of security in this area due to the loss of a master key.

            A washout on communications conduit, located at the end of Runway Number 9, Westover Air Force Base, was filled and graded 17 October 1957 to prevent disruption of communication facilities by storm damage.

            The painting of buildings in the "A" Area, Numbers 101, 103, 104, 105, and 108 was completed 18 October 1957 by the Springfield Industrial Painting Company.

            The construction of a sidewalk in the area of Buildings 320-321 was completed 25 October 1957 and provides for improved safety and comfort of users.

            Joint acceptance inspection of percolation ponds and force sewage effluent pumping station was completed 4 November 1957.  The use of this facility eliminates the sewage plant effluent being dumped into the public water shed.

            Modifications to the fire alarm system connecting Buildings 320 and 211 to the central fire alarm warning system was completed 15 November 1957, providing adequate fire warning protection for these buildings.

            With the approval of additional funds, the $45,000 program to replace galvanized water supply piping in the "A" Area with copper piping was finalized, and plans and specifications were completed in November 1957.

            The erection of the Group Central Bulletin Board in the basement of Building 108, Recreation Area, was completed 22 November 1957.

            The quarterly security inspection was conducted by the Materiel Directorate on 27 November 1957, and minor discrepancies noted were corrected.

            Modification of the "Q" fence grounding system, to provide a more dependable ground, was under study during the month of November 1957. This Station is awaiting further information from Mr. Horning, Headquarters, AMC, concerning the correction of this problem.

            A practice basketball court was installed in Building 355, 9 December 1957, and is in use by the airmen.

            Project SB 4-57, Addition to Building 202, was completed and accepted 10 December 1957. This building will house our indoor washrack facility.

            The following projects were completed and forwarded to Base Procurement, Westover Air Force Base, for contract action on 13 December 1957:

                        SB 9-8, Damper Control, Building 109 (to increase efficiency of heating plant)
                        SB 18-8, Repaint interiors of 20 buildings (routine preventive maintenance)
                        SB 20-8, Valves on Steam Line in Dining Hall (to permit isolation of building in the event of trouble with the heating lines)
                        SB 21-8, Entrance over Stairwell in Building 103 (to keep rain and snow out of NCO Club)
                        SB 22-8, Modification of Gravel Stops (to raise the stops so as to prevent water on the roof from running down the sides of the buildings)
                        SB 23-8, Install Gate in Fence at Sewage Treatment Plant (to provide proper access to the plant).

            The Report on Modernization of Real Property Program, RCS: AF-K(OT) was forwarded 13 December 1957.  This program is intended to bring up to date various utilities and systems.

            Certain revisions to division UMD have been authorized and are effective as of 1 January 1958.  These revisions merely reflect the actual personnel manning. Remaining requested revisions to the UMD will be resolved at a later date.

            The Snow Removal Plan for this Station was revised and distributed 17 December 1957.  All equipment has been prepared and readied for instant use. The five year annual average snowfall for this Station is 50 inches.

            A conference with AFIR pertaining to siting plans for proposed gymnasium for this station held in Boston, Massachusetts on 20 December 1957.  Present siting is located diagonally across the road from Building 109.  Plans for Dow Air Force Base Gymnasium will be adopted for this Station.

            Installation of 110v power source at Gantry Railhead Crane was completed 30 December 1957 to provide electrical power for utilization of power tools and lighting for unloading facilities.


            Minor problem areas currently existing are:  poor operation of electrical gates; water supply piping corrosion; and improper lethal fence grounding.

            Necessary steps have been taken to correct manpower problems of this division and approval of requested UMD revision will resolve this problem area. Due to the recent austerity (Barrelhead) program, this division lost two civilian positions which required curtailment of custodial services to the Headquarters building and reduced the effectiveness of our preventive maintenance program.  In addition, two civilians were replaced by personnel from Westover Air Force Base. As indicated by past inspections and staff visits, it is evident this division is performing its assigned mission in a satisfactory manner.

(1 Jan - 30 June 1958)

            Routine work orders and preventive maintenance activities comprised the majority of man-hours consumed in the Installations Division.  A chronological breakdown of events and activities of historical importance is outlined herein.

            This division was visited by Mr. Curtis D. Roades, Equipment Specialist, AMC Hq., on 6 February 1958, to make a technical survey of shop kitchen equipment and preventive maintenance.  No major deficiencies were noted and minor recommendations have been complied with.

            Interior painting of Buildings 110, 103, 108, 109, 202, 203, 204, 102, 205, 303 thru 335 were completed on 28 February under Contract SB-18-8 for a total cost of $12,400.00.

            Lt. Klick and Mr. DeWolfe visited Wing Headquarters on 17 thru 19 Mar 58 for the purpose of attending a Commanders' Pre-Planning Conference.

            Six contracts amounting to $26,823.32 were awarded on 6 June, to replace water lines in Buildings 101, 102, 103, 108, 104, 105, 106, and 107.  Work was approximately 30% completed at the end of this reporting period.

            The revised AFM 170-5 (Cost Accounting for Base Engineer Criterias) was recently received.  Implementation of this manual together with AMC 177-1, Part 12, and AFR 93-26 has created a much larger work load for the Management Section.  It is becoming more evident that a third person may have to assigned to this section.

            A new utility line truck for the Electric Shop was placed in service.  This truck corrected a Ground Safety hazard in that makeshift measures were previously needed to change light bulbs, and make repairs on the street lighting system.

            During the month of June the Hartford Boiler Insurance Co. conducted their annual inspection of the two (2) high pressure boilers at the Central Heating Plant.  This division was commended by the representative on the excellent condition of both boilers.

            Mr. S. Couiskshank, an AEC Fire Inspector, toured the "Q" area with Mr. Fred Harris, Station Fire Chief on 12 and 13 June, and suggested changes requested by Mr. Couiskshank were complied with.

            A conveyor was installed in the Dining Hall to transfer food products from the unloading platform to the basement storeroom and from the basement storeroom to the kitchen.  Work vas accomplished at a cost of $2,745.00 under Project SB-25-8.

            Mr. Brubaker, Civilian, Installations Division Electrical Engineer, AMC, visited this station, 30 June 1958, for the purpose of assisting with the problem of the "Q" fence grounding system.  Temporary modification of the system was accomplished and it is expected that a permanent solution will be completed by this Division on 1 November 1958.

            A project was planned to enable station personnel to have their own gardens.  Twenty five (25) garden plots were prepared near the Stony Brook picnic area.