The following Evaluations were taken from the Historical Reports of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group, recently declassified by the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the United States Air Force.


(1 Jan - 30 June 1956)

            The section has made steady progress toward the goal of efficient management of a preventive maintenance program.  Numerous administrative and technical improvements have been made within the section. An improved method of scheduling preventive maintenance was developed, and a new Rardex (Ed. - not sure of this word) system was devised to record material requests and keep more accurate control of individual material request status.

            Morale during the past six months was considered high.  This was attributed to the personnel themselves to the fact that they found the type of work stimulating, and the pride and satisfaction which was theirs on viewing a job well done.

            No major problems are foreseen for the immediate future and the section feels confident it can perform more than adequately under any circumstances.

(1 July - 31 December 1956)

            During the reporting period, the Maintenance and Calibration Section has acted as a control and coordinating agency between the Assembly Divisions and the Sandia Corporation Calibration Section.  Its main functions consisted of notifying the Assembly Divisions when maintenance and calibration was due on Test Equipment, keeping the required maintenance records, and requisitioning supplies required for the maintenance of Class 39-D equipment.

            This section does not have and is not authorized the secondary transfer standards required to calibrate special weapons test equipment in accordance with paragraph 3, T.O.11N-T-4.  The calibration of all test equipment is performed by Sandia Corporation personnel using their secondary reference standards.