(The following information is abstracted from the declassified Historical Reports of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group from 1 Jan 1956 to 31 Dec 1959.)


(1 Jan - 30 June 1956)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Ed. Note:  The copy of this section of the operational activities for this period is very difficult to read.  Ed. will be working on this as time permits.


(1 July - 31 December 1956)

            During the last historical period, this section supervised the maintenance and calibration control functions of the station, and monitored the overall Special Weapons training, processing, and test equipment maintenance program which included training weapons and components but not the War Reserve weapons and components.  Periodic inspections of all such equipment were conducted and a written report on the degree of compliance with directives and the condition of equipment was forwarded to the Director of Operations each month.  Routine preventive maintenance inspections and recording of calibrations consumed most of the work time during the period of this report.  The following items were, however, considered of such importance as to be included in this historical report.

            The conversion of Training Fuse MK6 MOD4's to FS-2 in compliance with T. O. 11N-F6-422 has not been accomplished on two (2) fuses due to a lack of modification kits.  These kits have been on requisition since 8 Jun 55.  The latest estimated delivery date received on these kits was Nov 56.  These kits had not been received at the end of this reporting period.

            The modification of test equipment was held up due to long delays between the time the kits were requisitioned and materials were received. T-128B to T-128C modification kits have been on requisition since Mar 56 with the latest estimated delivery date being Dec 56.  T-138A to T-138B modification kits have been on requisition since Sep 56 with an estimated delivery date of Jan 57. The T-1B tester was placed on requisition as a replacement for T-1A during the month of Sep 56, however, none have been received as of this date.  Tracer action was initiated to speed up delivery of the items.

            A new system of notifying the sections that preventive maintenance was due on Test (T) and Handling (H) equipment has been established using AMC Form 192B (General Purpose Data Sheet).  The previous system required a separate locally produced sheet for each type tester.  This new system uses a standard AMC form and allows all testers to be listed on the same form thus reducing the number of sheets used and the man-hours required in posting and filing data.

            The rejection rate in the torque wrenches calibrated during the reported period has been excessive with approximately twenty-five (25) percent failing to meet calibration tolerances.  The procedure was for Sandia Corporation to calibrate all torque wrenches at thirty (30) day intervals.  When a wrench failed to meet prescribed standards in the calibration check, it was turned in to Station Supply and a replacement requested.  In order to decrease the high rejection rate, all sections have been briefed and advised as to the proper use and care of torque wrenches.  This has resulted in a decrease in the number of rejects.

            Initial and quarterly re-qualification maintenance training courses as required by Wing Regulation 55-15 were conducted for all personnel assigned to Type I and Type II Plant Divisions.  Thirty-one (31) airmen attended the six (6) hour initial Maintenance Training Course and forty-five (45) airmen attended the one (1) hour quarterly Re-qualification Course.