Q-Area at Stony Brook Air Force Station

    "Q" or Restricted Areas were those that contained the most critical and sensitive systems involved in the maintenance, storage and movement of nuclear weapons. The primary structures contained within this area were the assembly and maintenance plants, weapons handling facilities, the capsule storage buildings, communications & operations center, capsule maintenance, Air Police security headquarters, storage igloos, and various buildings utilized by the Atomic Energy Commission and Sandia Corporation.  The Q-Area at Stony Brook was surrounded by triple security fencing, with the center fence being electrified.  Air Police constantly monitored and patrolled the area.  Those working in the Q-Area were required to have special security clearances and access badges to enter only those areas that were required for their work.

    Two assembly and maintenance buildings, Plants 1 and 2 (or A and B), were built in the Q-Area by the engineering firm of Black & Veatch in 1954 to maintain the various components of the nuclear weapons systems. The buildings were similar in design to the large assembly and maintenance buildings located at the other Operational Storage Sites and the National Stockpile Sites. 

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Q-Gate at Stony Brook - convoy leaving for Westover - 1955

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