The following Evaluations were taken from the Historical Reports of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group, recently declassified by the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the United States Air Force.


(1 Jan - 30 June 1956)

(Ed. Note:  An Evaluation at the Squadron level was not included for this period.)

(1 July - 31 December 1956)

            The evaluation of the various sections within this historical report reveal that continuous progress has been made in facilities and in methods of operation.  The morale of the personnel has continued on the upgrade due to the emphasis placed on the completion of recreational projects.  Considerable work was accomplished on the Otis Lake Project, and within the next reporting period, the area should be an important morale factor.

            Even though the Budget and Accounting Division started the period under strength in personnel, it has been brought up to strength and with this increase in strength, an improvement in the quality of work has come about.

            Within the Communications Division during the last reporting period, considerable difficulty was encountered in radio maintenance.  A drastic improvement has been noted there.  Communication facilities have continued on the up swing and, with the completion of the new Ops-Com Building and the installation of the new switchboard, the Communications Plant will be an envy to most Air Force Installations.

            The Food Service Division has continued to operate under its high standards of excellency.

            The Installations Division was involved in eighteen (18) major projects during this period, five (5) of which were brought forward from the first half of the year.   Landscaping has improved and some new facilities have been added.   With the completion of the projects, now under way, the real estate facilities should satisfy the needs of the station for the foreseeable future.

            The responsibilities of the Special Weapons Supply Division increased and in spite of the increase in work and reduction in personnel, the high standards of operation have been maintained.

            The Station Supply Division has pioneered the implementation of the "N" accounting system, and through the use of that procedure, plus the utilization of a Petty Cash Purchasing Officer on the station, the supply support on common Air Force items is approaching our desired standard of excellency.

            The Transportation Division has, through improved procedures and better utilization, reduced their requirement of vehicular equipment drastically, thereby effecting a saving in the Air Force dollar.

            During this period, the Support Squadron has lost seventy-seven (77) airmen and has gained ninety-four (94) airmen.  Due to the change in the Manning Document, this trend will be reversed during the next six-month period and some problems may be encountered as a result of the low personnel ceilings.  Excluding the officers on loan from other organizations, the Squadron gained two (2) officers during this reporting period, while losing five (5) officers. An examination of the above figures reveals that there has been a change of +36% of the personnel assigned which has necessitated continuous training and indoctrination. This has been accomplished with no loss in efficiency.  As stated above, the decrease in personnel authorization is of some concern during the next six-month period, however, due to the capability of assigned personnel, no insurmountable difficulties are anticipated.

(1 Jan - 30 June 1957)

            The evaluation of the various sections within this historical report reveal that continuous progress has been made in facilities and methods of operation. Morale of personnel has continued on the up-grade.  A detailed evaluation appears at the end of each Division's history.

(1 July - 31 December 1957)

            The evaluation of the various divisions within this historical report reveals that in spite of the continuing reduction in strength and a continuous change in personnel, considerable improvement has been made in the facilities available at Stony Brook Air Force Station, and due to improved methods of operation, the effectiveness of the entire organization has continued at a very high level.  The morale of the members of the Support Squadron has remained at this high level in site of extra commitments placed on them by the 99th Bomb Wing.  A detailed evaluation of each division within this directorate appears at the end of each division's history.

(1 Jan - 30 June 1958)

            An evaluation of the 3084th Support Squadron reveals that this squadron has continued to operate at a very high level of efficiency during the past six months.  This evaluation is further substantiated by the annual inspection conducted by the Management Improvement Review Team (MIR), Hq, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing.  During this inspection the squadron received a rating of "satisfactory."  In addition to the inspection, audits in several Divisions of the Support Squadron were conducted by the Westover AFB Resident Auditors Office and rated as "satisfactory."

            An evaluation of the individual Divisions revealed that in certain Divisions of the Support Squadron, considerable improvement has been made in their method of operation and management.  An example was the establishment of a Technical Services Supply within the plant areas of the Aviation Depot Squadron.  The Tech Services Supply maintained all UAL (classified) property, acted as a requisitioning activity for the plants and performed liaison between the plants and Station Supply.

            The consolidation of Security Communications System and the relocation of Central Communications System were two major projects accomplished during this period.  Extensive planning and preparation concerning the relocation of the American District Telegraph (ADT) System, paid dividends since the actual move progressed most efficiently.

            During this reporting period the Unit Fund Council for the 3084th Support Squadron consisted of the following members:

                        Captain James P. Crawford         Chairman
                        CWO (W-2) Charles J. Puls         Member
                        M/Sgt Samuel E. Curtis              Member
                        M/Sgt Norman P. Van Wickler   Member
                        T/Sgt Robert J. Farland              Member
                        T/Sgt Charles F. Spence             Member
                        S/Sgt Barron M. Brown              Member
                        A/1C John R. Keane                   Member
                        A/1C Richard R. Kelly                Recorder

            A total of Two Hundred Fifty-two Dollars and Fifty Cents ($252.50) was spent for squadron activities.  This included the purchase of individual trophies, airmen of the month awards, and upkeep of the Support Squadron softball and baseball uniforms.

            Action Pending: During this same period, Seven Hundred Twenty-three Dollars ($723.00) was programmed to be spent, Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($450.00) of this amount to be allocated for a Squadron picnic to be held during the month of July.