The following Operational Activities for the 3084th Support Squadron were taken from the Historical Reports of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group, recently declassified by the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the United States Air Force.


(1 Jan - 30 June 1956)

           Heavy freezes were regularly encountered during the early part of 1956, causing considerable difficulty with communications cables freezing in conduits.  Several sections of ADT and guard phones were inoperative and had to be temporarily replaced by aerial cable. Telephone faults which developed in connection with loss of other circuits required the technical assistance of Middletown Air Material Area representatives. The Communications Division was extended to its utmost ability during March 1956 which was the worst March in the history of the state of Massachusetts Weather Service.

            All Divisions within the Support Squadron were finding things difficult during March. Each was forced to dig their way to work several times, and establishing "business as usual" was in itself difficult. Total accumulation of snowfall from 16 to 20 March 1956 was twenty-one (21) inches. During this period, Installations Division Roads and Grounds personnel worked around the clock combating heavy snow, and keeping access roads clear. Critical work areas were kept open for work, in spite of the crusting of ice and packed snow. The Transportation Division suspended all possible routine work and concentrated on repair and maintenance of snow removal equipment.

            A/B ROLAND E MC KAY received a Bad Conduct Discharge, as per Par 5, S.O. 3, Hq, 3084th ADG, dated 5 January 1956. This was the only BCD given a member of the Squadron since its activation in 1954.

            To present a more pleasant side of the operation of the Support Squadron, a tract of land was set aside by the State of Massachusetts for a recreational area for 3084th ADG personnel, consisting of the site of a former CCC Camp at Otis Lake, Massachusetts. Otis Lake is approximately thirty-seven (37) miles from Stony Brook AFS, and is situated high up in the Berkshire Mountains.  The Director of Materiel was designated as Project Officer for the improvement and utilization of Otis Lake as a recreational site. Even before the snow was all gone, Support Squadron Officers and Group Personnel were surveying the ground, planning, discussing and preparing to "break ground". Late in January, a request was submitted to the 3079th ADW that we be placed on the Hq USAF availability list for surplus boats for off-base recreation. Another letter was written in late February 1956 to the Commander, Westover AFB, requesting we be furnished a list of all Class 27 surplus property for review in connection with the Otis Lake project. Other letters were written to the Commanding General, Fort Devens, Massachusetts and Commander, Boston Naval Shipyard, Massachusetts, requesting surplus property lists. Two (2) PE-95K Generators and seven (7) Kapox Life Jackets were procured from Fort Devens shortly thereafter. Hq USAF approved the Otis Lake project for four (4) rescue boats, four (4) lifeboats and one (1) motor launch. On 26 April 1956, Navy Screening List No. 68 was reviewed and several items of equipment were selected for Otis Lake.

            Then fate dealt a cruel blow to the Otis Lake project, The dam at the lake needed repair badly, so the property owners and officials at the lake voted to lower the water level so that the dam work could be completed before fall. By the tine the snow was gone, the bottom of the Lake was exposed for approximately one hundred and fifty (150) feet from the shore line, prohibiting the use of boats, and seriously curtailing any recreational activities. It was decided to turn attention to another project for the moment, although in the meantime, the 3079th ADW had granted $1,500.00 for the Otis lake improvement and $2,220.00 for boats.

            An additional $1,000.00 was granted for construction of an off-base picnic area, to be located in a pine grove near the main gate of Stony Brook AFS. Early in March, plans were formulated for the construction of a really fine area. Work was begun and trees in the pine forest began falling as soon as the snow was gone. Located in the center of the pine grove, the picnic area is reached through a pathway covered on both sides and overhead by the trees. Within the beautiful recreational area itself are located two (2) large fireplaces complete with grills and chimneys, large picnic style tables, a concrete pavilion covered with a rustic roof for protection against the elements and also for dancing, running water and electricity. The project of construction was nearing completion by the end of this period, under the primary supervision of MAJOR SHIPP and 1ST LT MICALE, who devoted many personal hours and as much of their duty time as could be spared to supervise the many volunteers who offered work and various skills.

            MAJOR HAWLEY went to Wright-Patterson AFB on 2 April 1956 to deliver the MCP Program and FY 57 Financial Plan to Hq, 3079th ADW, and returned on 9 April 1956. He also attended schooling at Maxwell AFB between 1 and 7 May 1956 for the Air Weapons Orientation Course.

            Other temporary duty for squadron personnel during this period is listed below; Squadron Officer School enrollees having been mentioned above.

            MR FORTIER traveled to Rushmore AFS in May 1956 to attend a meeting of all site Budget officers. He also attended a Budget Conference at Hq, AMC in late June 1956.

            CWO LYON, S SGT HARRY DE VAULT, A/1C WILLIAM ATWOOD and MR OMAR E BEAUDOIN, all from the Communications Division, attended the ADT School in New York City for five (5) days, starting 24 June 1956.

            A Management Improvement Review was conducted by LT COL MARVEL from Hq, 3079th ADW during the period of 14-16 May 1956. Results of the survey were apparently satisfactory and were covered in a report furnished by the Survey Team. Minor discrepancies were noted.


            Numerous guests, visitors, inspectors, technical representatives and other persons of note appeared at this station from time to time and include those listed below.

            Dieticians CAPT CONNORS and T SGT WATERS, from the Westover AFB Hospital made a courtesy visit to the Food Service Division during the week of 5 January 1956. They seemed well impressed with the facilities in the Dining Hall.

            1ST LT WILLIAM T SMITH, Westover AFB Auditor, conducted an annual audit of the Food Service Division during the week of 27 January 1956. No major discrepancies were noted.

            The Installation Division was visited on 13 February 1956 by MR ROBERT DIAGH, Inspector, Hq, AMC, for the purpose of conducting a technical survey of water and sewage facilities. No major discrepancies were noted.


            MR MILLER, Project Engineer from MAAMA, arrived on this station on 20 February 1956 for the purpose of monitoring the construction and engineering phase of the rhombic and double doublet antenna farm.


            MR JOHNSTON M MORRISON, from Griffis AFB arrived at this station on 10 May 1956 to complete a survey and inventory of all telephone equipment. His visit to the Communications Division was completed on 11 May 1956.


            MR JOHN FAYE, Fire Inspector from Hq, AMC, conducted an inspection of the Fire Department during the period 16-18 May 1956. Results were satisfactory. A few minor discrepancies were noted.


            MR RALPH B BEAVER, Real Property Records Examiner from Hq, AMC, conducted an examination of the real property records of the Installations Division during the week of 21 May 1956. Minor discrepancies were noted and corrected.


            Two (2) representatives of the ADT Office in Boston, Massachusetts, arrived this station on 21 May 1956 to accomplish the maintenance and inspection of the Protective Alarm System (ADT) at this station. Due to a mix-up in their security clearances, entry into the "Q" area was not permitted.  Although the names of the individuals were submitted prior to their arrival, the number of agencies involved, i.e., the ADT Company's Boston, New York and Washington offices, Westover AFB, AEC, 3079th ADW, and MAAMA, created quite a confusing factor in the establishment of proper clearance processing.


            KENNETH WEIR from MAAMA arrived on 22 May 1956 to coordinate a new transmission line from the rhombic antenna farm to the Comm-Ops Building. Difficulties were involved as to the proper entrance of the building. Tentative plans made between MR WEIR, 1ST LT NICKEL and CAPT ST PALLEY were recommended to the 3079th ADW for the rerouting of the antenna feeder line.


            MR LAYT CLEEVES, from the South Windsor Equipment Company, visited this station on 20 June 1956, regarding a system for irrigating grassed areas. Aluminum pipe would be used. Final plans had not been completed at the close of this period.


            LT WILLIAM A METTLER and MR DAVID KLARER, Hq, AMC, visited the installations Division on 23-25 June 1956 for the purpose of landscaping and building and grounds inspections. No major discrepancies were noted during their visit.

(1 July - 31 December 1956)

          The weather in Massachusetts is the main topic of conversation and concern from mid-November to early April.  This period was certainly no exception.  Prior to Thanksgiving, cold weather set in, with attendant snows, sleet and icy conditions.  Support Squadron personnel in the Transportation and Installations Divisions combated heavy snows during November and December, keeping roads and critical work areas clear.  Repair and maintenance of snow removal equipment, repair, installations and removal of vehicle chains and heating of vehicles became primary projects.  In spite of the fact that snow and/or ice was on the ground from prior to Thanksgiving until the end of this period, no evidence of curtailment of mission capability was noted.

            The Support Squadron was well represented in courts and boards on the Station during this period.  Several officers served in capacities of President, Defense Council, and members.  There were no Support Squadron personnel tried by Courts Martial during this period.

            At the end of the previous reporting period, an off-base picnic area was nearing completion.  Located in the center of a pine grove near the main gate of the Station, the area is rustically beautiful.  Early in August, work was accelerated tremendously to complete the picnic grounds prior to winter.  By the 17th of August, work was completed and the area ready for many fine parties in the spring.

            Also of interest at the close of the previous period was the "Otis Lake Project".  This was a tract of land set aside by the State of Massachusetts for a recreational area for the 3084th Aviation Depot Group.  By the end of the previous period, two (2) generators, seven (7) life jackets, and four (4) small boats had been procured, plus Headquarters USAF approval for four (4) rescue boats, four (4) lifeboats and one (1) motor launch.  During this period, a minimum of work was possible because of the weather, but some new equipment was obtained.  On 6 August 1956, a 24-ft house trailer was received from the Public Housing Administration, Piketon, Ohio.  The second trailer was received from the same source on 13 August 1956.  At the end of this period, plans were being readied for personnel to go into the Otis Lake Area again, as soon as the snow and ice depart, to work on improvements.

            Periods of temporary duty for Support Squadron personnel were as follows:

            Major Hawley attended a Budget Conference on Fiscal Year 1958 budget requirements, held at Headquarters AMC during the first week in July 1956.

            CWO Lyon, S Sgt Harry L. Devault, (AF serial number, deleted by Ed.) , A/1C William H. Atwood, (AF serial number deleted by Ed.), and Mr. Omer E. Beadoin, of the Communications Division, attended a course at the ADT School, New York City, at the end of the previous period, returning 2 July 1956.

            Capt. Mullendore attended the Staff Supply Officers Course, Francis E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming, for nine (9) weeks, starting 7 August 1956.  Capt. Waller went to Wurtsmith AFB (ADC), Oscoda, Michigan, for the period from 26 December 1956 to 30 December 1956 to coordinate special weapons supply matters.

            WO Daily and T Sgt Charles F. Spence, (AF serial number deleted by Ed.), attended a Food Service Conference, Headquarters AMC, on 19 October 1956.

            A semi-annual 3079th Aviation Depot Wing inspection was conducted during the week of 7 August 1956.  Not major discrepancies were noted.

            During the week of 17 September 1956,  the AMC IG Team, consisting of Logistical Inspectors, Lt Col Farr, Capt Whitney, and Capt Portier, visited the Support Squadron.  A Memo Report of Irregularities and Deficiencies pertaining to the Support Squadron was presented to the Station Commander, along with the Inspection Report.  All action items were answered, and the deficiencies were corrected.  An overall rating of "satisfactory" was given the Squadron.

            From 5 September 1956 through 24 October 1956, the Eastern District Resident Auditor from Westover AFB and his audit team audited the entire station.  The Station received a satisfactory audit as a result of a critique held on 26 October 1956.  Audit reports were forwarded to higher headquarters on 2 November 1956, and consisted of six (6) reports of audit and three (3) interim reports of audit.

            During October and November 1956, a United Fund Drive was initiated by Westover AFB.  The 3084th Aviation Depot Group agreed to participate, and Lt. Mitchell was picked as Support Squadron Campaign Officer.  As a result of his outstanding job for this drive, the Support Squadron won a $100 prize for the highest percentage of participation in competition with all other organizations at Westover AFB.

            Numerous guests, official visitors, inspectors, technical representatives and other persons of note appeared at this station from time to time, and include those listed below:

                Mr. Hobart C. Windsor, Management Survey Technician, Headquarters AMC, visited 9-11 July 1956 for management survey of the Installations        Division.  No major action items were noted.

                Mr. Blax Y. Scott, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer, Headquarters AMC, conducted an examination of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation facilities at this station during the week of 16 July 1956.  Some minor discrepancies were noted and corrected.

                Mr. Walter Westerfield, Pavement and Grounds Inspector, Headquarters AMC, conducted an examination of pavements and grounds on 16 July 1956.  Minor discrepancies were noted and corrected.

                Mr. Swett and Mr. Jacobson, Representative of the ADT Company, completed an initial inspection and maintenance of the station ADT facility under Contract No. AF-19 (617)-102, and recorded the facility in good condition.  Only minor maintenance was needed on a few items.

                Col Reed, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Mr. Porter, Construction Engineer, Mid-West Equipment and Construction Company, visited this station on 14 August 1956, to inspect new construction in progress under the Corps of Engineers.  No major discrepancies were noted.

                Mr. Morris M. Smith, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing, IG Assistance Team, visited the Installations Division from 20 to 23 August 1956.  He was interested in organization and the operation of the Division.  No major discrepancies were noted; however, it was mentioned that record drawings were not up-to-date.  Mr. Smith was examined the Communications Division operation and was very satisfied therewith.  The record drawings were subsequently brought up-to-date.

                Major Nugent, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing, IG Assistance Team, examined the Special Weapons Supply and Station Supply activities during the period of 20-23 August 1956.  A few minor discrepancies were noted and corrected.

                Mr. Theodore Lee, Steam Plant Technician, Headquarters AMC, inspected steam plant and distribution systems on 4-6 September 1956. No discrepancies were noted.

                Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Coughlin of the ADT Company arrived 24 September 1956, for Quarterly ADT Maintenance Inspection.  Inspection was completed 28 September 1956 and they reported this ADT installation in excellent condition, with only minor adjustment required on a few relays.  They were particularly appreciative for the assistance provided by Mr. William K. Kirk and his personnel.  They also commended T Sgt Harry Devault and A/1C William H. Atwood on their excellent maintenance procedures.

            A Joint Communications Conference was held at this station on 24 and 25 October 1956 for the purpose of review of plans, specifications and project data for the Comm-Ops Building and supporting structures.  Conference was attended by Major J. A. Bosseler, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing, Mr. R. K. Judy, Middletown Air Materiel Area, Mr. R. L. Mosier, Mid-West Company, and personnel from this station.  Decisions were reached for methods of completion of the project.

            S Sgt James A. Pearsall won third place in the AMC Area Finals, USAF Motor Vehicle Roadeo, in the 29-passenger Bus Class, held at Olmsted AFB, Middletown, Pennsylvania, the first week in August.           

(1 Jan - 30 June 1957)

            The weather in Massachusetts was unseasonable in two respects during the winter months.  The temperature went down to approximately 20 degrees below zero and there was very little snow as compared to previous years. Operational capability was not impaired by the unusually cold weather.

            One of the major projects of interest within the Support Squadron and one which will affect the entire 3084th Aviation Depot Group was the "Otis Lake Project'', a recreation area located in East Otis, Massachusetts, 35 miles from the station. Actual construction of the various facilities started 1 May 1957 under the direct supervision and control of the Project Officer, Major Warren C. Shipp.  The facilities included the following: One Mess Hall, Two Tent Platforms, Latrine, all necessary plumbing, drainage, and electrical connections, and rehabilitating a driven well and providing it with an enclosure.  Additional facilities included three family trailers for the convenience of families staying overnight.

            The beach area was completely cleared of all undergrowth, graded, and new gravel and sand deposited.  Adjacent to the beach area a dock was constructed to provide a place for boats to tie up.  The designation for this area is "The Stony Brook AFS Recreational Area".  It is rapidly nearing completion and will be in use the first week of July 1957.

            There were the usual inspections and visits from Wing Headquarters and other departments during this reporting period, all of which are mentioned in the activities of each division.

            Major Thomas, Director of Materiel, 3080th Aviation Depot Group, visited and discussed Supply, Transportation, and Logistic matters with this Directorate during the first week of February. On 17 March 1957, Major Shipp proceeded to Wing Headquarters for the purpose of discussing the budget for the final quarter of this fiscal year and the coming fiscal year.  Major Shipp returned 22 March 1957.  Results of the budget conference were favorable.

(1 July - 31 December 1957)

            Throughout the summer months, the Otis Lake Project continued to occupy a portion of the time of the Director of Materiel.  The project continued and by 1 September 1957 the following buildings had been completed:

                a.   Dining Hall, frame construction with asbestos siding and composition roof approximately 20 feet wide by 36 feet long.
                b.   One dormitory and storeroom 16 feet by 32 feet.
                c.   One latrine 10 feet by 14 feet.
                d.   One portable boathouse for use on the beach area.

            In addition to the above structures, the water system consisting of a 200-foot well with an electrical pump was in operation supplying water to each of the above structures.  In addition, the water supply had been connected to four family-type trailers.  All latrines were connected to two septic tanks installed on the site.    In early September, the Western Massachusetts Electric Company completed installation of a power line to supply the site with commercial power. Even though the site was used to some extent during July and August, it did not reach a true operational status until approximately mid-September.

            In August, the Support Squadron, along with the entire Station, underwent its annual inspection by the Inspector General's Office, Headquarters AMC, and the entire Support Squadron was rated as outstanding.  Various staff visits were made throughout the period by members of higher headquarters and the results of those visits are covered in the various sections of this Historical report.

            During this period, there was one Special Courts-Martial and one Summary Courts-Martial.

(1 Jan - 30 June 1958)

            Because of heavy snow and rain throughout the winter and spring months, Roads and Grounds projects occupied a considerable portion of the time of the Director of Materiel.

            In January, the Support Squadron underwent its annual inspection by the Management Improvement Review Team, 3079th Aviation Depot Wing, and was rated as "satisfactory."   Various staff visits were made throughout the period by members of higher headquarters and the results of those visits are covered in various sections of this historical report. During this period, there was one Summary Courts-Martial.