The following were taken from the Historical Reports of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group, recently declassified by the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the United States Air Force.


(1 Jan - 30 June 1956)


The basic mission of the Stony Brook Medical Service has been to conserve manpower through the following activities:

            1.    Provide complete Out Patient type medical care for military and civilian personnel assigned to this Station.
            2.    Provide complete Dental care for military personnel assigned to this Station.
            3.    Maintain immunizations of military personnel at a current status and provide immunizations such as influenza for civilian personnel, as desired.
            4.    Carry out annual, food handler, and separation physical examinations as necessary.
            5.    Provide preventive medicine supervision of all Station activities including the following:

                    a.    Messing facilities.
                    b.    Water supply and sewage disposal system.
                    c.    Barracks.
                    d.    PX facilities including barber shop, snack bar, post exchange.
                    e.    Buildings and activities part of the basic mission of the Station and the support of this mission.

            6.    Provide lectures on First Aid and Military Sanitation as part of the standard training program of Air Force personnel.
            7.    Advise the Commander on any problems of medical nature within the scope of this office.


            Since the previous report, the organization of the Dispensary was modified in order to provide a more continuous type of service from trained personnel.  This became possible with the authorization of a civilian secretary-stenographer who was given a position in the Dispensary staff of Administrative Assistant.  It was intended that the person who filled this position would supervise the balance of the Dispensary staff in the absence of the Group Surgeon.  Moreover, this civilian would carry out many of the administrative functions in the Dispensary in a steady and continuous manner, uninterrupted by any changes necessitated by separation from the service, overseas assignments or change of assignment on Station.  Because this civilian administrative assistant was not required to attend various Station training programs and other details such as KP, First Sergeant detail, etc., which constantly require the airmens' absence from the Dispensary, a more continuous and reliable supervision of the Dispensary activities was provided.  It was possible for the Group Surgeon to spend much of his time in medical activities at the adjacent Base Hospital with a feeling of confidence that his own Dispensary was staffed and ready to provide medical care as needed.


            For a period of approximately four weeks in January, the Dispensary was staffed only by the Group Surgeon, Capt William A Challener III and a Dispensary clerk, SSGT Russell Tatro.  During this period one of the medical technicians was on leave prior to entering a five-months school at Gunter Air Force Base for 90270 training.

            Early in February, a new medical technician was assigned, A/2C David R. Plumley, to replace the medical technician in training school. On approximately 27 April 56, the civilian secretary-stenographer was added to the Dispensary staff, and began training to take over the duties as outlined above.

            In the period covered by this report, the following number of treatments were rendered by this facility:

                1. Dispensary visits: 1,104.
                2. Physical Examinations: 184.
                3. Immunizations: 188.
                4. Dental Clinic treatments: 1,214.

            In addition to the above, the Dental Service completed the organization of the Dental Laboratory and toward the end of this historical period, nearly all dental laboratory work was carried out on this Station.

            The present Group Surgeon will be separated from the Service on 24 August 56, and the arrival of his replacement is expected. It is planned that a period of orientation will be provided for the new Group Surgeon prior to the separation of Capt William A Challener III.


            The first six months of 1956 represents the last six months of the two-year period during which this Dispensary has been under the command of Capt W. A. Challener III.   In that two-year period, the Dispensary and Dental Clinic were activated, stocked with medical and dental supplies and organized into an efficient functioning unit.  It is anticipated that with the facilities and personnel available there will be no difficulty in carrying out the mission of medical support in the future.


            WILLIAM A CHALLENER III     CAPT USAF (MC)     Medical Officer General
            RAYMOND E MILEY               SSGT USAF            Medical Service Supervisor
            DAVID R PLUMLEY                A/2C USAF             Medical Service Specialist
            RUTH E FISHER                                               Clerk Stenographer


            WILLIAM F MOURADIAN         CAPT USAF (DC)      Dental Officer General
            RICHARD W ROUND               A/2C USAF             Dental Specialist
            WILLIAM HEARD                   A/2C USAF             Dental Laboratory Specialist

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(1 July - 31 December 1956)

(Ed. Note:  The basic mission statement of the Surgeon's Office remained the same as outlined in the 1 Jan-30 June 1956 report, and is not repeated here.)


            There were no organizational changes in the Dispensary since the previous historical report.  However, it became obvious that utilization of a civilian administrative assistant was a successful project, particularly in providing continuity which would otherwise have been interrupted by changes in personnel.  The new Group Surgeon continued to spend about half of his time in medical activities at the adjacent SAC Hospital.


            During the period of the present report, there were several changes in personnel.  On 24 August 1956, Captain William A. Challener was separated from the service and on 31 August 1956, Captain Stephen F. Bauer assumed duties as Group Surgeon.  Unfortunately, this did not provide for a period of orientation for the new Group Surgeon.  However, the civilian secretary-stenographer was familiar enough with Dispensary administrative procedures to provide continuity for Dispensary activities.  At that time, in addition, S/Sgt Raymond E. Miley returned from the 90270 Training School at Gunter Air Force Base. In this manner, the Dispensary was able to give the group uninterrupted service.

            In November of 1956, the civilian administrative assistant, Miss Ruth Fisher, left the Dispensary and was replaced in December of 1956 by Miss Mary Paviol who quickly learned the administrative functions of the Dispensary and again enabled the Group Surgeon to be free of administrative problems.

            The Group Dental Surgeon, Captain William F. Mouradian was discharged from the service on 5 January 1957 and his replacement, 1st Lt. Stanley P. Brickman arrived on 22 December 1956. This allowed for a brief period of orientation for the new Group Dental Surgeon.

            In the period covered by this report, the following number of treatments were rendered by the facility:

                    Dispensary visits: 902
                    Physical Examinations: 192
                    Immunizations: 300
                    Dental Clinic Treatments: 1391 (Ed. Note: Not sure if this is 1391 or 1891.)


            The second six months of 1956 represented a change in command of the Dispensary, which was accomplished easily and without incident.  No problems occurred which were beyond the scope of the Surgeon's Office. It is anticipated that Dispensary activities will continue to be carried out without difficulty.