The assistance, resources, support, service and encouragement of the following Stony Brook Air Force Station veterans are gratefully acknowledged.  Their insights into the various aspects of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group and Stony Brook Air Force Station contributed significantly to the history of its operations and functionality. 

Personnel Rosters[opens in new window]
3097th Aviation Depot Squadron
3084th Air Police Squadron
3084th Support Squadron
3084th ADG Headquarters Squadron


Adams, Leonard                                                   Special thanks is also extended to the following for their resources  
Bagdonas, Harold                                                 and support in the development of these histories.
Baril, Norman
                                                                                                      Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company:
Barrett-Smith, Ron                                                          Corbiere, Glenn        Talmadge, Jack                    
Beaumont, Charles [deceased]                                         Dimauro, Mike         Easton, Caroline
Blaylock, Freeman                                                           Menard, Alan
Bolton, Richard                                                               Tuohey, David
Boundy, John                                                             Others:                                                              
Braughler, Bill                                                                Biscoe, Andrew
Butler, Karl                                                                    Craig, William
Casey, Eugene                                                               Hildreth, Tom
Cooper, John                                                                 Kazalski, Robert
Cotton, Bill                                                                    Maisner, Steve
Cregan, John
Crowley, Charles
Davis, Karl
D'Onofrio, Richard
Draper, Elmer
Durf, Thomas
Eager, William
Edwards, Garld [deceased]
Fonock, John
Fugate, Jerry
Fulton, James
Gates, David
Goheen, Garrett
Green, Roy [deceased]
Greenberger, Harvey
Harkins, Ron
Heaton, George
Hollis, Ben
Ingram, Harry
Jardarian, Mike
Kepler, George
Knauss, Ron
Krushinsky, Bernard
Lagyak, John
Lanthorne, Jim
Lenten, Jack
Lindstrom, William
Lucantonio, Luke
Madden, Loyal
Mason, Sam
McIntyre, Robert
McKenzie, Frederick W.
McRae, Robert
Mehalko, Andrew
Mello, Ayres
Meyers, Carl
Miller, Fred
Moore, Charles
Norman, Robert
Ollinger, William
O'Mara, Donald
Oravets, Albert
Sawyer, Wilfred
Schefler, Art
Schrock, Stuart *
Shinn, Jerry
Smith, Harley
Sosnowski, Tom
Sunden, Robert **
Sutton, Jack
Swiatek, Joe
Thompson, Dale
Townsley, Jack
Waite, Donald
Watts, Raymond
Wetherell, Dan
Wines, Glenn
Wyatt, John

*  Son of Colonel Raymond Schrock, 3084th Aviation Depot Group Commander.
**  19th Logistic Support Squadron.