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Width:   ~ 60 inches
Length:  ~ 128 inches
Weight:  ~ 8,000 pounds
Yield:     Variable 8-140 KT
Total number produced:  1,100            Retired in 1962

 "The first MK6 Mod6 entered the national stockpile in January 1955.  By November 1956, all MK6 weapons had been converted to Mod6 configuration by installation of the new baro and contact fuses.
The last MK6 Mod6 was retired in 1962.
   Late mods of the MK6 (as well as late mods of the MK 7) used new MC-193 nickel-cadmium (NiCad) storage batteries that replaced the ER 12-10 lead-acid batteries.
   The MC-193 required a charging time of only one hour, after which it held a full charge anywhere from one to 240 days, depending on ambient temperature. The MC-193 was produced by the Sonotone Corporation starting in May 1952; production was complete by December 1953, at which time almost all ER 12-10 batteries had been withdrawn from stockpile.

Approximately 1,100 MK6s (in all mods) were produced between July 1951 and early 1955; it was the first U.S. nuclear weapon to be produced in large quantity (over 1,000 units). The MK6 stockpile was augmented by a number of MK18s converted to MK6 Mod6s between January and March 1956. 

  Among USAF jet bombers, the B-47 could carry one MK6, while the B-52 could carry two, although the carriage of atomic bombs by both aircraft was soon superseded by carriage of higher-yield thermonuclear bombs.  The MK6 used a 120 lb. natural uranium tamper." *

* Swords of Armageddon, Volume VI, Hansen.